Algebra 1 – CP

High School - Greenville Campus

CPO Job Description – High School Math Teacher

  • Able to differentiate and appreciate instruction for varied learning styles
  • Strong communicator with students and parents
  • Appreciates and uses creativity in instruction using a variety of modalities

*Course Description is currently being updated for 2024/2025 and may change.

Course Description

Students will review the basic arithmetic operations on whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers. They will gain a better understanding of graphing two variable equations: lines, parabolas, absolute value, and exponential shapes. They also will study various algebraic concepts: solutions of first and second degree equations, solutions of systems of first degree equations, and solutions of inequalities; operations with exponents, operations and factoring with polynomials, and operations with square roots. Concepts will be presented visually and applied through word problems.

This class has summer homework.

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