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*Course Description is currently being updated for 2024/2025 and may change.

Course Description

God’s handiwork, the human body in its form and function, has been fearfully and wonderfully designed by our Creator. This course will introduce students to the human body, both the anatomy, body components, and physiology- their functions. Topics covered include DNA and cell creation, and skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, immune, and integumentary systems.

Monday lectures will be applied in a Wednesday lab format where students will engage in experiments and activities designed to apply and enhance their understanding of lecture material. Students will be expected to complete all lab activities.

The Gray’s Anatomy coloring book and other extension work will augment the main text to enhance and aid in memorization and understanding. Daily reading assignments will come from our text. In an effort to stay current, the teacher will share relevant news articles that apply to our lesson.

In the second semester, a 2-page paper will be assigned exploring how a body system shows God’s wisdom and creativity. Students will also be required to submit and present one current article on the human body during the first semester. Parents will be asked to aid students by reading the weekly update along with their students, assessing the completion of weekly assignments, and proctoring tests sent home by the co-op.

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