Intro to Latin

Middle School - Greenville Campus

*Course Description is currently being updated for 2024/2025 and may change.

Course Description

Latin study is the foundation for learning a foreign language. Intro to Latin at UHC is designed for beginning Latin students. The textbook, Latin for Children Primer A, is the heart of the Latin for Children (LFC) program. Each workbook text is engaging, incremental, creative, and filled with clear grammatical explanations written expressly for the student. Exercises, weekly quizzes, unit tests, and a sizable and useful reference section also are included. Lessons include a plethora of mnemonic aids (songs, chants) that enable students to learn vocabulary and grammar with ease and delight.

We use the 4.0 revised edition of the student text, and it contains considerable changes; please make sure to purchase the 2017 edition of the text. Students are expected to complete one lesson each week. Weekly Latin lessons will be supplemented with a weekly history assignment designed to increase understanding of Roman culture.

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