Precalculus Summer Assignment

Summer Learning Loss is a topic that is heavily researched and impacts math classes more than other classes.  To help bridge the summer slide, the UHC math teachers have decided that a Summer Assignment is required for all incoming Precalculus students.

The Summer Assignment is due on the first day of your student’s Precalculus course at UHC: Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

It is important that the Summer Assignment is completed in full and with accuracy. Students should show work, label the assignment, and circle answers.

Summer Assignments:

  • Read Chapter P (page 1-59)
  • Complete the Review Exercises on p.60 #1-10, #12-32, #35-68.
  • Complete the Review Exercises on p.61 #61-80
  • Print listed homework problems in JupiterEd Precalculus Materials titled “Pre-Calculus Homework Assignments
  • Read 1.1

Students should bring a signed Completion Checklist to the first day of class.