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It is a wonderful time to give to causes we care about, specifically UHC, and lowering tax liability is an additional bonus! UHC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and donations to UHC are receipted for a tax deduction. Please contact us below if you or someone you know would like to make a donation.

UHC Grandparents may have a unique opportunity to give while simultaneously lowering adjusted gross income (AGI). For those at the age of required minimum distributions from an IRA, you can instead choose to make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) by requesting the distribution be sent directly from the IRA to UHC. If the RMD is taken as a check written to a person, it will increase adjusted gross income, but if it is taken as a QCD (sent directly to the non-profit, UHC), it does not increase AGI.

Disclaimer: UHC and other entities linked above do not give tax advice. Please see your CPA or financial advisor if you believe one of these strategies may be beneficial to you.


Pick up a Publix partner card and scan it every time you check out at Publix. A percentage of money is given to UHC.


Please donate any used/empty ink-jet or toner cartridges to recycle with us. Businesses and family members are glad to save these, too. Drop off at the locations or with the staff members listed below. Please enclose in a Ziploc type bag, as they can still leak, even when “empty.” We recycle these with Staples and use the funds to purchase office and cleaning supplies.

  • GVL Grace Campus: Drop off in the Gym office or to Stacey Banks.
  • GVL Hampton Heights Campus: Drop off in the Teacher Workroom or to Abby Williams.
  • SPT Church At the Mill Campus: Drop off with Kirin Mitchell.

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