Greenville Grace Church Campus

The Greenville Middle and High School grades (6-12) of Upstate Homeschool Co-op meet at Grace Church at 2701 Wade Hampton Blvd., Taylors, SC 29687.

Arrival and Dismissal Times:

UHC Grace Campus- Greenville Academic Calendar

Coming On Campus

Entrance to the building: 

Visitors on campus must have prior approval from a director. Please come to the north door entrance and the campus floater will greet you. Visitors on campus will need to show ID and confirm appointment on campus.


All visitors should park in the Parent/Visitor Parking areas as designated by the highlighted line on the campus map.


Parking Info:

  • No matter the reason on campus, parents should park in the Parent Parking areas as designated by the PINK highlighted line on the campus map.
  • All family members who drive and park on campus to serve or attend a meeting must read the parking permit agreement and purchase a parking permit to be displayed by hanging from the rearview mirror of the vehicle any time the car is on co-op premises.
  • To purchase an additional UHC parking permit, please contact the UHC Greenville  GRACE Campus Manager.

Drop Off/Dismissal Info:

All students driving onto campus whether to drive through the carline or to park on campus must get a parking permit at enrollment. If you did not obtain one at enrollment contact the Grace Campus Manager to purchase.

Parking Permit Terms and Conditions 

  • First time drivers permit cost is $5, and returning driver sticker fee is $1.
  • The cost to reissue a lost permit is $5.
  • Permits are non transferable and non refundable
  • Permits are to be hung only on the rearview mirror inside the car.
  • Students will obey all traffic signals, signs, road lines, and the directions of the adult in charge in the parking lot. Reckless driving in the parking lot will result in the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the year.
  • Students should only park in the parking area marked in ORANGE on the Greenville Campus Map. Cars parked inappropriately will be fined.
  • Students may not return to their vehicles at any time during the co-op day without administrative approval from the HS Director.
  • Any vehicle on the UHC campus is subject to search by the UHC administration at any time.

Visit the Student Parking page to apply for a parking permit.

Grace Campus Schedule (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Early/Zero Hour8:00 - 9:05
1st Hour9:10 - 10:15
2nd Hour10:20 - 11:25
**BREAK**11:25 - 11:40
3rd Hour11:40 - 12:45
**LUNCH**12:45 - 1:25
4th Hour1:30 - 2:35
After Hour2:40 - 3:45