2024-2025 School Year

Ecology 6 SPT

Tuesday AND Thursday

Course Description

God’s Design for Chemistry and Ecology: Properties of Ecosystems is a science curriculum designed for middle school. The course covers grassland, forest, aquatic, and extreme ecosystems and their relationship with living organisms, including humans.  It will include topics such as food chains, the water and oxygen cycles, animal life, and conservation. It is a perfect finale to the sciences that have been learned in elementary school. The class will alternate between lessons that consist of note taking, research, presentations, and Biblical applications with lab opportunities that feature exciting activities and observations with the core understanding of God’s intelligent design for our world.

To be successful in this class:

Students need to come to class each day with an attitude of learning and cooperation. Students should be able to read through chapter assignments, answer lesson questions, complete worksheets and projects/presentations, and be prepared to take unit quizzes according to UHC policy. Students should expect this weekly homework to take about 1.5-2 hours to complete. The student should also be able to follow directions, listen to in-class discussions, take notes, participate in class activities, and process learning via notebooking. Occasionally there will be supplies listed on the JE homework assignment calendar that will need to be brought to class.

Homework: Students should expect weekly homework to take a total of 30 minutes to 1 hour per week assigned on 1-2 days per week.

Grades: 6th Grade

Fees: $360 plus $20 lab fee. All 6th grade classes must be taken as a package. This is one of four classes in the package.

Sections Offered: Section A- 2nd Hour Section B- 1st Hour

Required Materials

Textbook: Properties of Ecosystems, 4th Edition (out of print), purchased used or request to rent from UHC.

Other Materials:

  • 1″ 3-ring binder
  • 6 dividers
  • colored pencils
  • scissors
  • glue sticks

Section A- 2nd Hour Section B- 1st Hour

Meet Ashlyn Seay

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from North Greenville University
Teaching Experience: taught in the public school system in Spartanburg District One for 5 years; one year teaching 6th grade science, one year teaching 5th grade ELA and social studies, and three years teaching 4th grade ELA and social studies
Certifications: Certified to teach in South Carolina grades 2-6
UHC Courses taught:

  • 6th grade Ecology
  • 7/8th grade World History
  • 3rd grade Geography

Began teaching at UHC in 2022

2 Day Model, Tuesday and Thursday – 1st Hour (Section A) and 2nd Hour (Section B)