2024-2025 School Year

Economics Honors GVL

2nd Semester

Course Description

This course begins with a study of microeconomics that applies directly to the student’s own life and what the Bible has to say about how we are to spend our time and money in particular. The course then moves through an economic history of the United States, as well as terms and concepts used in economics (such as “supply and demand,” “gross domestic product,” “consumer price index,” etc.). In this class students will discover what an economy is including a large focus on understanding their role in an economy. We will discuss how to make informed choices within our economy. Students will also be asked to consider their future plans after high school and will present these to the class. Students will leave this class having discussed the following topics that include, but are not limited to: capitalism, communism, scarcity and choice, specialization, inflation, markets, monetary policy, fiscal policy, trade, economics in the Bible, economic history of the United States, concept of supply and demand, fair trade vs. free trade, gross domestic product, consumer price index, taxes and tariffs, salaries and compensation, labor policy, government policy and regulation, stock market and investments, personal finance.

To be successful in this class:

Students should be aware that this is a required high school course aimed at juniors and seniors. The class lends itself to challenging a students ability to think about their future and what God may have for them as they become more and more of a functional part of the economy in which they live. Success in this class depends on their ability and willingness to engage these ideas effectively.

Grades: 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Fees: $245

Course Credit: 0.5 history (honors)

Required Materials


Other Materials:

  • One three-ring binder, notebook paper (50 sheets)

Highly Recommended (student will be at a disadvantage without the following two resources):

  • Daily access to computer with internet and word processing capability
  • Daily access to newspaper, news magazine, or online news source

Honors Addendum Summary

Honors students will:

  • Participate in a fictional “life” budget
  • Design a game illustrating economics principles
  • Complete additional essay questions on tests and may have additional questions on weekly homework.

Specific assignments and details for honors work will be provided by the teacher.

Meet Olivia Pedersen

Education:  B.A. in Communication from Palm Beach Atlantic University

Experience:  Work in microeconomics with Vox Discipleship School (2015-present). Homeschool mom of 4 with two graduated.  Worked in and with many different ministries and different churches around the city of Greenville.  Currently the Content Coordinator for the magazine Greer Neighbors.

UHC courses taught:

  • Economics
  • American Government
  • Student Government Advisor (starting fall 2024)

Began teaching at UHC in 2022