Lower Elementary- Curriculum Planning Suggestions

If you’d like to print and write in your student’s course information for this school year click here to download the Lower Elementary- Curriculum Planning Worksheet.

The curriculum suggestions for each content area listed below were highly recommended by experienced UHC homeschooling parents, but it should be noted that there are many others available. Click on each curriculum hyperlink to be taken to the curriculum’s website where you will find more info regarding pricing, grade levels, and curriculum content.

Note: The following subjects are covered in UHC classes. Parents may choose to count UHC instruction in the content areas below as sufficient for their student OR may choose to use additional curriculum to teach content areas at home on top of what is covered at UHC.

GVL- 1 Day Model:

  • K5- Social Studies, Music
  • 1st: Social Studies, Music
  • 2nd: Science, Music

GVL & SPT- 2 Day Model:

  • K5: Social Studies & Science, Music or Art
  • 1st: Social Studies & Science, Music or Art
  • 2nd: Social Studies & Science, Music or Art