Financial Aid Policy


To create potential enrollment opportunities for students needing financial support and who exemplify the convictions and standards communicated in UHC’s Statement of Faith.


The Financial Aid Committee members will be appointed annually by the Board of Directors and may consist of members of the Board of Directors and other appointees at the discretion of the Board.

Financial Aid and/or Discount Maximum

Discounts shall not exceed fifty percent of total yearly tuition for a family with any exception subject to approval by the UHC Board. Each family receiving financial aid will be required to pay the remaining portion of the educational expenses, including but not limited to: Application fees, enrollment fees, materials fees, consumable books, textbook rentals, testing, field trip costs, student activity fees, lunch/snack expenses, and any other non-tuition costs.

Need-Based Tuition Assistance Program

The criteria used to determine aid and/ or discounts will be based upon the inability of a worthy student and his or her family to pay the necessary tuition to attend UHC.

Qualifications for Assistance

Students whose families clearly demonstrate a financial need for assistance will be considered for financial aid in the form of a tuition discount or grant. Financial aid will be made on the assumption and assurance that the family is allocating the maximum amount of resources within its capacity to the educational costs of its children.

It is expected that each family has prioritized educational costs after necessary living expenses.

Assistance is intended to enable students to attend UHC who otherwise would not have the opportunity due to the inability to manage the tuition expense.

The purpose of tuition assistance is to provide financial aid to families who have demonstrated legitimate financial need. Those families receiving tuition assistance will be encouraged to gradually reduce their dependence on financial aid from the Co-op.

The policy and additional information will be posted on UHC’s website.

Tuition Discounts

The Board will have the responsibility and authority to monitor and modify the discounts and discount policy at its sole discretion.

Financial Aid Timetable

Families must complete the financial aid online application by the deadline. Awards will be given on a case by case basis determined by the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee for new and returning families until the allotted funds are consumed for the year.

Approval Process for Assistance

The Financial Aid Committee will review the applications for financial aid submitted, and will make awards subject to the final approval by the Board. The Financial Aid Committee and the Board reserves the right to review extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Discussions and financial statements held by the Financial Aid Committee are strictly confidential. Families are required to refrain from discussing their results with others and violations may result in immediate termination of their financial assistance.

Conditions of Continued Assistance

Students receiving financial aid are expected to maintain a good academic record consistent with their abilities, and to demonstrate commendable behavior, effort, and citizenship, which will be considered as factors in the award of future financial aid. Parents are expected to demonstrate Christian values in their behavior in all Co-op related functions and activities, and to be appropriate in communications about Co-op related activities at all times.

Students who are placed on disciplinary probation risk their financial aid award for the current school year and future school years.

Awards will not be automatically renewed for subsequent years. Families must complete the required forms and provide the needed documentation to be considered for tuition assistance each and every year.