Electronic Device Policy

Elementary-6th Grade Electronic Device Policy

Please refrain from allowing elementary through 6th grade students to bring personal electronic devices, unless they have an emergency health situation. At the very least, we ask that any devices be kept powered off in their book bags and not brought out during co-op hours. We want the students to build relationships with others during their few minutes of unstructured time.

7th-12th Grade Electronic Device Policy

Students’ electronic devices and cell phones should remain powered off in their backpacks or a pocket at all times during class, OR a teacher may require students to place cell phones in an appointed container during class time.

If a student’s electronic device or cell phone is seen by a teacher at any time during a class period (once the bell has rung), OR if a student does not power the device off when asked, it will be confiscated and left with the Middle or High School Director until the end of the Co-op day. The student may ask the Director for the phone after the 2:35 p.m. bell has rung or when they leave campus for the day.

If the same device has to be confiscated a second time, it will not be returned to the student. Instead, a parent will have to retrieve the phone from the Director at the end of the co-op day.

If the parent fails to retrieve the device the same day, the phone will not be available for pick up until the next co-op day.

Regardless of the reason for having a device or cellphone out (checking the time, calculator, texting- even if texting with a parent- emailing, etc), if it is seen, it will be taken by the teacher and given to the Director.

If a parent needs to contact a student during class time, the parent may call or text the appropriate Director, and a message will be given to the student at the appropriate time. Or the parent may call or text their student during class changes, the 15 minute break, or lunch.

UHC students may not take pictures/videos of classmates or anyone else on a UHC campus without the person’s knowledge, and they may not share or post pictures/videos of others on social media sites without consent.

The only exception for a student having an electronic device or phone out during class is if a teacher specifically says the device may be used for a part of the class. In this case, phones must immediately be powered off and returned to students’ backpacks when directed by the teacher.