Emergency and Inclement Weather Policy

In the event that we have inclement weather and need to make last-minute changes, we will notify parents by email and through the text alert system Jupiter Ed or RainedOut.com. (We use the same texting systems as part of our official Emergency Plan, to notify parents of other types of situations on campus.) It is very important that each family is signed up to receive alerts if we need to send out an urgent message. We will only use this system if necessary, and the service will not give out your personal information to anyone.

If your oldest child is in 2nd grade or younger:

  • Sign up for the UHC Rained Out text alert system by:
    • GVL Campus: text UHCGVL to 84483 from the phone you wish to subscribe.
    • SPT Campus: text UHCSPT to 84483 from the phone you wish to subscribe.
  • There will be no charge to you to subscribe, but UHC will be charged for each text message that is sent. Therefore, please read these instructions before taking action:
    • SUBSCRIBE ONLY ONE PHONE NUMBER PER FAMILY to receive text alerts. We strongly recommend that you use the main teaching parent’s phone number.
    • You may also submit one or more email addresses to receive the same alert messages. Please be aware that emails are not likely to be delivered as quickly as texts. Neither you nor UHC will be charged for email messages.
    • Go to this site: https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=5c9390deaf4bb37842db
    • Enter the email address, then follow the instructions.

If your oldest child is in 3rd grade or older, sign up for the UHC Text Alert system through the online grading and communication portal, JupiterEd:

  • Log in to your Parent JupiterEd account.
  • Click on the main menu icon (four horizontal bars) in the upper left corner.
  • Click on Settings in the left column.
  • Please enter a valid mobile phone number and check the box to receive Text Alerts for Emergency Alerts from School. If it is already checked, please uncheck it and then check it.