Middle & High School Snacks and Lunch Policy

Food and Drink Policy

ONLY WATER, no food or other drinks, may be consumed by students in the classrooms during class (including Focused Study).  The only exception is when teacher permission is given because a classroom activity involves food.  Teachers will instruct a student with food or drink (other than water) to either place it in their lunchbox/backpack, or throw it away. If the student continues to eat or drink, the teacher will send a JE referral to the parents and appropriate director listing the food offense and the action taken.

Break/Snack Time

Students will be dismissed to a specified area each day for a 15 minute break and snack time. Parent assistants will monitor students during this time.

Lunch Time

  • 8th graders taking high school credits must eat in the middle school area on the Grace Campus except for high school only days in August, December, April, and May. Middle and High School Students at CATM Campus will eat together.
  • Microwave use is limited (Grace Campus only – No microwave use is available at CATM), and students should try to bring a lunch that does not require heating. When a microwave is used, it must be cleaned out BY THE STUDENT after each use.
  • Label all lunchboxes, water bottles, etc with student’s first and last name, please.

Juniors and Seniors Only

Some reminders about leaving campus for lunch:

  • It is a JUNIOR and SENIOR PRIVILEGE to leave campus for lunch.
    • No other students are allowed to leave campus for lunch.
    • Parents of Juniors and Seniors who do not want their student to leave campus for lunch should tell their student and the HS Director of their wishes.
  • Juniors and seniors are not permitted to go out to lunch on specified “Not Out to Lunch Days” listed on the Co-op Calendar.  These will only be days when we have something special happening on campus during lunch.
    • Students who do not honor these days by remaining on campus, will lose the privilege of going off campus for lunch, for the remainder of the semester.
  • Because this is a privilege, Juniors and Seniors are not permitted to bring food or drink back to siblings or any other Co-op student.
  • When juniors and seniors leave for lunch, they must return on time for class. If a student is tardy twice, he loses his privilege of leaving for lunch for the next two  days.
    • If a junior or senior is tardy returning from lunch 3 or more times, they will lose the privilege of going out to lunch for the remainder of the semester.

Any students other than Juniors and Seniors who leave campus for lunch  are subject to the following discipline measures:

  • The 1st offense will result in a student warning. Parents will be notified, and the student will receive a JE referral that will result in a lunchtime consequence.
  • Subsequent offenses will result in student suspension for the next day of UHC classes.