Mandatory 3rd-5th Parent Orientation

Note: This video is mandatory for UHC families to watch one time when they have a student enrolled in the upper elementary program. If you attended in person or virtually in previous years, you are not required to view the presentation again unless you would like to

Video Details:

Please watch Virtual Orientation Video, available in August, anytime before September 4th, 2024.

When you have finished watching, please take the 3rd-5th Parent Orientation Quiz to let us know you have watched this orientation video in its entirety. Quiz will be available in August.

The orientation video contains information regarding:

Jupiter Ed- Online Grading and Communication Portal Training for Parents
How find your student’s homework
Elementary Grading Policy
Learning Differences for 3rd-5th
Oral Presentation Requirements
…and MORE!


Email the UHC Upper Elementary Directors:

Greenville Campus- Kathryn Ferguson- [email protected]
Spartanburg Campus- Jennifer Lee- [email protected]

Email the UHC Learning Differences Administrators:

Greenville Campus- Pam Erwin- [email protected]
Spartanburg Campus- Sami Schroeder- [email protected]

Parent Resources- the following links are referred to in the 3rd-5th Parent Orientation recording. Click on each link to read about the topics mentioned:

Our Curriculum Planning Guide is a helpful tool for parents! Be sure to read the tab regarding Additional Reading Resources for useful suggestions!

Our elementary grading policy is also on our website. You can find out all about how each class is broken down for grading purposes.

Would you like to view the oral presentation rubric we use for scoring presentations? You can always find it here!

UHC is proud to have a wonderful team of Learning Differences Directors who are willing and ready to help you! Please visit our Learning Differences page for more information.

As referenced in the virtual orientation video, our Executive Director has a letter on ways to accommodate your student at home. Whether your child needs extra support, or you need advice on keeping a learner challenged, this letter will be so helpful to you!