Middle School Grading Policy

The classes offered by Upstate Homeschool Co-op should be viewed as graded tutorials. Parents should not attempt to change a student’s grade once it is entered into the Jupiter Ed system. When reporting UHC classes to accountability groups or other institutions, it should be clearly noted that grades for that class are given by the UHC teacher. 

A report card can be generated by the Jupiter Ed system for each course taken at UHC. The parent is responsible for printing the student report card, sending it to their accountability group, and recording this grade in each student’s portfolio/school records. No permanent records will be kept or reported to schools or accountability associations by UHC.

Letter Grades:

Middle school classes will follow the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy:

A= 90-100

B= 80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= 0-59

Late Assignments:  

Middle school teachers will apply the following uniform co-op policy for late assignments:

  • Assignments are due as indicated in the teacher’s Jupiter Ed gradebook. Any homework assignment that is turned in one class day late automatically starts from a B (89) and will be graded down from there. Any homework assignment that is turned in two class days late will receive a zero (0). Tests and quizzes online or in take home envelopes (or any projects weighted as a test), must be taken/turned in on the due date, and failure to do so will result in a zero (0).
  • In the event of illness or other unexpected absence, parent and student must communicate with the teacher on the day of the absence to make a plan for turning in tests, quizzes, projects, or homework due on the day of the illness. Work due on the date of the absence is due as assigned unless arrangements are made with the teacher for an extended due date. Lack of communication with teachers concerning an absence will result in the application of the late work policy as stated above. See our Student Absence Policy for details.
  • Students who miss a class are responsible for acquiring assignments/handouts and tests/quizzes that were handed out during the absence in order to turn them in on the due date; otherwise, the assignments will be subject to the above late policy.
  • If a student will have a planned absence, the parent and/or student must make prior arrangements with the teacher at least a week (preferably two weeks) before the planned absence.
  • Tests and quizzes may not be re-taken by a student unless the instructor deems it necessary for the entire class to retake the test or quiz.
  • Extra credit opportunities will not be given to individual students. If such opportunities are offered, they will be offered to the entire class.
  • If a student habitually does not turn in assignments, the parents will be contacted to meet with the appropriate director (and possibly the teacher) to work out an implementation plan for parents that should result in completion of assignments. Completion of assignments is not optional. If meeting with the Director does not result in assignments being turned in, it may result in the student being dismissed from the class without a tuition refund.