NCAA Approved Courses

The Upstate Homeschool Co-op was granted school status by the NCAA in 2020.  If you are a potential collegiate athlete, this means:

  • Any course you take at UHC is already approved and does not need additional documentation by the parent.
  • Any course you take elsewhere will need a core curriculum worksheet completed by the homeschool teacher.
  • If a dual enrollment course was taken, that college must send an official transcript to the NCAA per request from the student.

Once the UHC student completes courses for their senior year, he or she may request an official transcript for the courses completed at UHC by completing the form below. Before the transcript can be generated, the student will need an official NCAA ID. None of this needs to happen until a coach requests this process to begin.


NCAA Transcript Request

This form is for UHC student athletes to request a transcript for NCAA.

Any course taken at UHC is NCAA-approved. Complete the fields below to request a transcript that will display courses completed at UHC. There is a $25 fee per transcript.
Student Name(Required)
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Has a coach requested that a transcript be sent?(Required)