2024-2025 School Year

Digital Literacy for Middle School SPT

Tuesdays AND Thursdays

Course Description

Digital Literacy is the ability to navigate our digital world using a multitude of skills to communicate proficiently and effectively. It is important for students to be properly equipped to use digital tools and technologies in order to operate in this digital society.  This course is an elective and is to be considered for students who would like to gain experience with Google Drive as they utilize Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms as well as students who may need a refresher on how to use these programs and tools.

In addition, time will be dedicated to digital etiquette with a focus on online behavior, digital footprint, cyber-bullying, and media literacy.  In this course, students will collaborate with others to use technology to find, evaluate, and creatively communicate information through these different platforms.  They will also develop awareness of technology’s impact on both society and students while beginning to cultivate safe and manageable online habits. The exposure to digital skills in this course is a tool that supports student success.


To be successful in this class:

Students should come to class with needed supplies including a laptop or Chromebook; this device must have Wi-Fi and internet browsing capabilities.  Students must be ready to utilize critical thinking, work well collaboratively, participate, and follow directions. Homework will be limited; short assignments may be scheduled up to once a week.

Grades: 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

Fees: $360 per year, plus $10 materials fee

Sections Offered: Early Hour - Wise

Required Materials

  • Laptop or Chromebook with Wi-Fi and internet browsing capability (iPads/tablets are not compatible with this course)
  • notebook
  • pencils

Early Hour - Wise

Meet Greg Wise

Education: BA-History, Agusta State University, MS- Curriculum and instruction, Western Governors University

Teaching experience: First Academy Leesburg, 2019-Present AP Human Geography, AP US History, Honors World History, Honors Government and Senior Bible. Montverde Academy, 2014-2019 upper school AP US History and AP Human Geography.• Lake Mary Preparatory School, 2009-2014 AP US History, AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP European History, Economics, and AP Government. • Westminster Schools of Augusta, 2000-2009 middle school World Geography, US History, Ancient History, upper school Government, Economics, World History, Modern European History, AP European History, U.S. and AP US History. • Long Cane Academy, 1994-1998 upper school Government, Economics, Psychology, English Literature, Humanities, World History, and U.S. History.

Certifications: ACSI

UHC Courses Taught: Upper School U.S. History, Middle School Digital Learning
Began teaching at UHC in 2024