2024-2025 School Year

Art: Principles and Elements of Design Half Credit Honors GVL

Principles and Elements of Design Half Credit is taught on Mondays only all year.

This course runs on a two-year rotation. Both years are heavily studio-based, using concepts of design and art history as a jumping off point.

A Rotation: Studio Art: Principles and Elements of Design will be explored and understood through their applications in studio art. (2024-2025)

B Rotation: Studio Art: The History of Art from cave paintings to modern art will be explored chronologically through studio art. (2025-2026)

Course Description

This art course is designed to develop the creative process and to help students understand the meaning of art. Students will explore the methods and media (such as drawing, printmaking, painting, collage and pastels, and more) historically used to create art and will use these methods in the creation of their own artworks. Growth in skill and technique will be encouraged throughout the process. Historical and cultural examples will inspire the class work and the students will gain an understanding of the elements and principles of design. Prior art-making experience is not necessary to be successful, as this class will be accessible to all skill levels, even though the concepts and exercises are more advanced than the corresponding middle school art classes.

To be successful in this class:

Students will need to bring required materials to class, complete weekly drawing assignments on time, and put forth good effort during in-class projects and home assignments. Assessments are not based on skill level, but on weekly drawings, occasional quizzes, and participation and effort in class.

Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Fees: $245 plus $30 supply fee

Course Credit: 0.5 fine arts

Required Materials


Semester 1:

  1. Create a Zine on any subject.
  2. Attend the Greenville Open Studios weekend event.
  3. Write a typed, one page reflection on the studios that you visited during the Open Studios weekend.

Semester 2:

  1. Create an Artist Portfolio creating 8 pieces of art in the student’s own style.
  2. Art Show Curator. Honors students will assist art teachers in planning the art show, hanging and displaying works, and hosting the event in March.

Specific assignments and details for honors work will be provided by the teacher.

Meet Genavieve Gilbert

Education: Bachelors in History with a minor in Art from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2005.  Studied Fine Art at Ringling Schooling of Art and Design.

Teaching experience: Home educator since 2017 and has taught art and art related classes privately since 2018.

UHC courses taught:

  • Fine Arts: The History of Art
  • Studio Art

Began teaching at UHC in 2023