2024-2025 School Year

IEW 1 Introductory Middle School Writing 7th & 8th Grade SPT

Tuesdays AND Thursdays

Introductory Middle School Writing

This is an introductory course for students new to UHC who have not completed our IEW 1 sixth-grade class. It also is for students who may have taken some IEW classes on the elementary level but did not take IEW 1 in sixth grade at UHC.

Course Description

This class will require daily parent supervision/teaching. We will be teaching with Structure and Style for Students: Year 1, Level B from IEW. Research has shown that if our students can write well by the end of junior high, they will be more successful in all areas of high school work. Since mastery of structure and style is the purpose of this course, use this program across your own curriculum to fit your child’s individual needs. Students will work through IEW’s Fix It!, Mowgli and Shere Khan, which will make up a complete grammar program.

To be successful in this class:

Students need to be working on IEW material each non-co-op weekday (45 -60 min daily) in order to obtain mastery. Assignments will be given on the material presented in class.  (The students should read the checklist and actually check off all items for the assignment.) The parent should make sure the final copy is completed and then sign or initial the checklist. PARENTS: It is imperative that you know and understand the material presented in the seminar workbook referenced, TWSS.

Grades: 7th Grade, 8th Grade

Fees: $360 per year tuition, plus $3 Curriculum/Material Fee


Parent must purchase The Institute for Excellence in Writing: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Seminar and Practicum Workbook, 2nd Edition (the teacher notebook is sufficient–parents do not need to buy the video instruction) and must attend the summer UHC Parent/Teacher Training for IEW.  IEW parent training is a mandatory requirement if you have a student enrolled in an IEW class.

Sections Offered: 1st Hour - Bozarth

Required Materials

(Available through Lifelong Learning Resources or directly from IEW, www.excellenceinwriting.com.)

Parent Text:

Student Text:

Recommended Material:

Other Materials:

  • Plenty of full-sized notebook paper
  • Pencils and/or pens

1st Hour - Bozarth

Meet Sarah Bozarth

Teacher: Sarah Bozarth

  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Arts
  • Homeschooled my 6 children on and off from K-9th grades. Currently homeschooling my 1st grader.

UHC courses taught:

  • IEW 1
  • IEW 2

Began teaching at UHC in 2023