2024-2025 School Year

IEW 3 Advanced Writing GVL

Mondays Only

This is a high school level course, and 8th and 9th students who have completed IEW Level 2 at UHC may enroll in this course.


Course Description

IEW 3 is a high school level writing class and is meant to be a transition from IEW to high-school and college English and composition classes. This class will still require daily parent supervision/teaching. We will be teaching from the Structure and Style for Students Year 2 Level C [Binder & Student Packet]. This course will pick up where our IEW2 class leaves off.

Students will be working on grammar/usage, MLA format, and other elements of composition throughout the year. Students will complete major compositions including an expanded essay and Super Essay involving research skills. Research has shown that if our students can write well by the end of junior high, then they will be more successful in all areas of high school work.

Additionally, students will work through the editing portion of IEW’s Fix It!, Book 6 which will serve as a complete grammar/editing program. Students will be assigned sections to edit each week.

High School Credit Options:

  • (1 Credit) High School English Composition Elective (Recommended)
  • 8th Grade students enrolled in UHC Literature Discussion and Analysis in addition to this class may pursue an English 1 high school credit with the completion of additional HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL reading assignments. 8th Graders pursuing this option must be academically mature with teaching parents developing, teaching, and implementing additional high school level course work. See suggested guidelines.

NOTE: High school credit for 8th graders is contingent on the approval of the your accountability association and detailed documentation of coursework.

To be successful in this class:

Students will be expected to take notes in class and will have daily writing assignments at home, most of which will be components of long-term essays laid out in a day-by-day schedule. Students will work with greater independence than in previous IEW classes, but daily parental involvement still is necessary for success in the class. Parents are required to edit papers with students as well as sign the checklist indicating their involvement throughout the week.

Grades: 8th Grade

Fees: $195 per year, plus $3 Curriculum/Material Fee


Student must have completed IEW Level 2 at UHC. Parents must attend the summer UHC Parent/Teacher Training for IEW.  IEW parent training is a mandatory requirement if you have a student enrolled in an IEW class.

Course Credit: See High School Credit Options

Sections Offered: 3rd or 4th Hour (Mondays) - Rowland

Required Materials


Recommended Material:

Other materials:

  • IEW student notebook from the previous year
  • One manila envelope (10×13 or larger, needed second semester)
  • One two-pocket folder (needed second semester)
  • Plenty of notebook paper and pencils and/or pens
  • Small student dictionary and any English handbook (helpful but not required)

3rd or 4th Hour (Mondays) - Rowland

Meet Tonya Rowland


  • Associate’s degree as a paralegal from Greenville Technical College (1994),
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Furman University (2000)
  • Registered IEW instructor

Teaching experience:

  • K3 teacher (1 year)
  • Various classes at Vanguard Homeschool Academy, including high school Government/Economics, Lego Engineering, History, Literature and IEW.

UHC courses taught:

  • First grade
  • IEW1
  • IEW2
  • IEW3
  • Literature Discussion/Analysis

Began teaching at UHC in 2011