2024-2025 School Year

U.S. History Honors SPT

Course Description

This course provides students with an overview of American history through narratives,  primary source documents, interactive projects, and class discussions. The fall semester consists of Columbus through Reconstruction. The spring semester addresses the late 1800s to the present. The curriculum also aligns Biblical teachings to issues and ideas in history.

This course requires 3-5 hours a week of at-home work. Time at home is spent reading the lessons, completing homework assignments, taking quizzes or tests, and preparing for presentations. Class time is spent note-taking, presenting, analyzing issues in history, and engaging in discussion.

Note: Summer homework will be assigned in August and must be completed by the first day of class.

To be successful in this class:

Students must be able to organize material and complete assignments on time. Students will be expected to follow the assignment calendar, maintain a rigorous reading schedule, study material at home, come to class prepared, take an active part in classroom discussions, and interact with history through creative projects.

Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

Fees: $465

Course Credit: 1 social studies (honors)

Required Materials


  • Exploring America (Part 1 and Part 2) and American Voices (a collection of original source documents) by Ray Notgrass

Other Materials:

  • 3-ring binder, access to a printer with paper and ink

Honors students will answer additional questions for homework for each unit throughout the year. Honors students will also complete additional honors projects. Specific assignments and details for honors work will be provided by the teacher.