Academic Integrity and Cheating Policy

Academic integrity is the standard that we set for our students. All graded assignments, tests, and quizzes whether taken at home or in a UHC classroom are to be done by the student without aid or input from any other source including, but not limited to, fellow students, parents, the internet, or solutions manuals in the parents’ possession. If there are questions about class work, the student should speak to the teacher either before or after class.

  • You may ask for help from a fellow student with homework assignments that are NOT graded.
  • If a student gives help to another student, receives help from another student, or is found cheating by any other means on a graded assignment:
    • Both sets of parents will be informed.
    • Both students will receive a zero on the assignment.
    • Continued cheating may result in being dropped from all UHC classes.

Parents should not give their student the answer keys to any book without total supervision. Some of the science curriculum that UHC uses has both the answers to daily work and the master tests in the same book. For this reason, the student should never have the answer key in his possession at home or at UHC.

Plagiarism (using someone else’s words or ideas — this includes internet sites) is cheating. Students who plagiarize will receive a “0” on the assignment.