Middle School Teacher, Student, and Parent Expectations Policy

Co-op Teacher:

Teachers are expected to teach all new concepts, answer questions for previous and upcoming lessons, lead class discussions, and assign the lessons for the students to complete each day at home until the class next meets.

Twice per week classes:

Co-op Class Day 1: The teacher will answer questions from lessons done by the students since the last class meeting, teach/model/discuss new concepts in the upcoming lessons, and prepare students for assignments for the following day.

Co-op Class Day 2: The teacher will answer questions from the lessons done at home, teach/model/discuss the new concepts for upcoming work, and assign the lessons to be done on those upcoming days at home.

 Once per week classes:

During class, the teacher will answer questions from lessons done by the students the prior week, teach, model, and discuss new concepts in the upcoming lessons, and explain assignments for the rest of the week.

Middle School Parents:

Parents are expected to supervise and assist their students in completing the assigned work at home.

Parents should be checking JE calendars to make sure that ALL homework is completed by the student each day and ready to turn in on the specified due date.

Your responsibilities as the teaching parent will include:

      • Helping your student set aside time during the week to complete reading assignments and coursework by utilizing and checking daily assignment calendars with student
      • Review/reteach the lesson, writing, assignment, vocabulary, etc.
      • Checking answers to homework and study guide questions
      • Helping your student study for tests and quizzes
      • Proctoring tests sent home by co-op instructor as per UHC Testing Policy and Procedure

Middle School Students and Parents:

If there are questions that the parent cannot answer about a lesson that would prohibit completion of an an assignment, the student should message the teacher through JE and ask for clarification during her designated “office hours” during the week and before 3pm on Fridays.

It is expected by the Board, Staff, and Teachers of UHC that course credit is the desired end, and that this will be sufficient incentive for the completion of all required coursework.

Students will receive a 0 (zero) for graded assignments that are not turned in.

Completion of assignments is not optional.

      • If a student habitually does not turn in assignments, the parents will be contacted to meet with the appropriate Director and teacher to work out an implementation plan that should result in completion of assignments. If this does not result in assignments being turned in, the student may dismissed from the class without a tuition refund.