Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy

Upstate Homeschool Co-op (UHC) will treat all complaints of sexual abuse seriously and deal with such allegations with compassion and consideration for all those involved in a prompt and thorough manner because we believe every person is made in the image of God. In addition to others in authority, South Carolina law deems the following to be mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect – school teachers, counselors, principals, and assistant principals.


UHC Staff and UHC teachers are required to complete an online Child Safety training course.

Record Keeping:

A written incident report must be prepared whenever a child reports he or she is being sexually abused (see Incident Report below). The incident report will be forwarded to the student’s designated Divisional Director promptly upon completion. The Divisional Director will notify the Executive Director.


UHC shall take reasonable, timely, and effective action, notifying DSS or law enforcement as warranted.

Reporting in South Carolina:

Notice Of Incident: This form is to be completed by the individual who witnesses, or has substantive information of sexual abuse of a minor. Make sure that the information provided in the form is factual and as detailed as possible.