Student ID Replacement

Safety Policy regarding ID’s

  • ID’s must be worn by students, teachers, and staff at all times while on the UHC Campus. 
  • Teachers will check for ID’s as they take roll and give a safety referral in JE if a student does not have their ID.
  • Teachers will be given paper stick-on name tags in their cleaning basket. Students who do not have their ID with them will be instructed to put on a stick-on tag for the remainder of the day, but an attendance referral will be noted in JE. If they remove the paper tag, they will have another referral entered in any subsequent class.
  • By the next class day, the student should return with their ID or show proof that a new one has been ordered by sending an email to the EL, MS, or HS Director at your campus. Repeated offenses or not replacing a lost ID could result in adding a $15 replacement fine so that an ID is ordered and kept on campus for a student.

To obtain a replacement ID:

  • See your director for your FIRST replacement ID.
  • If additional ID’s are needed Go to:
  • Enter name of person needing new ID and the shipping address where it should be mailed.
  • Select your student’s current grade. Staff should choose “Staff.”
  • Click PLACE ORDER button.
  • Enter your payment information and billing address.
  • Your replacement ID will be delivered to the school within 14 days.