Student Safety Policy

  • All building doors are locked throughout the day. The doors will only be opened for students, teachers, and staff with a valid UHC ID. Parents or other persons with a prior scheduled appointment will also be allowed in the building.
  • ID’s must be worn and clearly visible on their person by students, teachers, and staff at all times while on the UHC Campus.
  • Teachers will check for ID’s as they take roll and give a safety referral in JE if a student does not have their ID.
  • Teachers will be given paper stick-on name tags in their cleaning basket. Students who do not have their ID with them will be instructed to put on a stick-on tag for the remainder of the day, but an attendance referral will be noted in JE. If they remove the paper tag, they will have another referral entered in any subsequent class.
  • By the next class day, the student should return with their ID or show proof that a new one has been ordered by sending an email to [email protected], the Director’s assistant. Repeated offenses or not replacing a lost ID could result in adding a $15 replacement fine so that an ID is ordered and kept on campus for a student.

See ID Replacement Instructions.

  • No student is allowed to leave campus during the Co-op day at any time unless they are leaving campus for the day or for some other reason with prior permission from the HS Director, MS Director, or Executive Director.
    This also means students may not go  to local businesses during the school day unless you are a high school Junior or Senior going out on a UHC approved “out to lunch” day.
  • No student should be in any parking lot surrounding the buildings or in the parking lots of adjoining businesses (Drew’s and Hibachi) during the school day.
  • Students should not be behind the Student Building, in the woods bordering the Green Space, or the adjoining creek at any time.
  • When crossing between buildings, students should stay in the coned off area and crosswalk so as not to be walking in the traffic pattern. Students should wait for the Student Building Parent Assistant to stop any oncoming traffic before crossing into or exiting from the Student Building.
  • Students should stay in the loading/unloading area before and after co-op. Students may not cross the street or go anywhere in the surrounding parking lots to be picked up. Parents MUST use the Pick-up and Drop off line to deliver or pick-up any student from UHC.
  • Students should not linger on campus once their classes are over. UHC dismisses at 2:35 p.m. All students should be picked up by 2:45 p.m. Parents must be in the carpool line by 2:45 p.m. to pick up their students.
  • Children of co-op teachers, staff, and Parent Assistants (on that day) are exempt from this deadline; however,  upon dismissal these students must wait in the designated student pick-up area OR the students of teachers, staff and Parent Assistants may go immediately to the classroom or area where the parent is helping and remain with the parent at all times.
  • No roller blades, roller shoes (Heelys), skateboards, Hoverboards or any other object of this type as well as no  guns of any kind (real, toy, pellet, water, etc.) knives, laser pointers, lighters, or any other dangerous or distracting items are allowed on church property.
  • Students should walk, not run, in the buildings.