Spartanburg, Church at the Mill Campus Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures



  • See the traffic map above for traffic flow as indicated with the red arrows.
  • Make note of the extended afternoon loop as indicated by the blue arrows for our busiest times –we cannot under any circumstances back up onto Anderson Mill Rd.
  • Enter the parking lot at the at the red star on Anderson Mill Road.  See map .


  • Drop-off begins at 8:45:
    • Students may arrive on campus beginning at 8:45 a.m. 
    • K3-5th Grade Students will go to the Student Center (#8 on the above map) upon arrival and will be walked to classrooms by parent assistants at 9:05.
    • Middle and High School Students arriving on campus before 9:05 must go to the Student Center (#8 on the above map) and wait there for a parent assistant to walk them together to the 2nd floor classrooms at 9:05.
    • Middle and High  School Students arriving on campus at 9:05 may use the “purple door” to walk immediately to class.
  • 2nd-4th Hour Classes:
    • Middle and High School Students arriving for classes throughout the day will do so via the carline and may arrive 10 minutes prior to class, but no more than 10 minutes.
  • Students must enter through the designated student entry, “purple door”


      • NO “Walk In” Drop Offs . The only exception will be for K3 students. Walk in is optional for K3 students. If you are a K3 family, and you have additional students, please drop all older siblings off in the Student Center on your way into the building.  Please help us with this safety issue. If you have any issues/questions about this process please contact your director.
      • Siblings and carpooling middle or high school students who do not have a class each hour but are being dropped off must be enrolled in the Focused Study class. Contact a director if you need to do this.



  • See the traffic map above for traffic flow as indicated with the red arrows for 3rd grade and older and orange arrows for 2nd grade and younger (lower elementary).
  • Enter the parking lot from Sundyal Road for 2nd and under pick up. Please note the traffic pattern, as you will enter and exit Sundyal Road.  See map.
  • If you are picking up from both carlines, you should come through the Lower Elementary (2nd and younger) line first.


  • Students will be dismissed to the car lines at 2:35 p.m.
  • Parents MUST have a parking permit to drive or park on campus. You may not pick up your student without the parking permit. If your is lost please contact your campus manager to purchase an additional tag. Driver license will be needed to pick up your child should you enter carline without a tag. This is only for a single occurance.
  • Please print your last name on the back of your car tag with a black marker and list student names under last name.
  • Please have your tag hanging on your rearview mirror with the name facing out when you pull on campus.
  • For drop off or pickup between classes throughout the day, you must use the traffic pattern above.


If you plan to pick up someone else’s children, you must have a copy of or the actual parking permit for the student you are picking up. Make sure all parking tags for any students you are picking up are visible and marked with last name and students’ first names.


If your student must leave co-op during class for an appointment or family emergency, please notify your director and make plans  for a special dismissal.

Please be patient and courteous as we work out the kinks during the first few weeks. Please also understand that all these policies are for the safety of your children.


CATM Campus Map

NOTE: Any unexpected needs regarding these expected procedures must be discussed with the UHC Elementary Director, Jennifer Lee, High School Director, Beth Martin, or the Middle School Director, Karla Partin.