High School Grading Policy, Absences, and Expectations

Because high school classes meet only 64 times in the year, it is crucial that students attend class and complete assignments on time to be successful in UHC courses.  The grade issued by UHC should be the grade reported to your homeschool association.  Neglecting class attendance and assignments will impact the student’s grade, and could eventually result in failure or dismissal without refund.

The reasons for students not having work done on time are many and varied. Whether or not the teacher accepts a reason as valid is up to her discretion.  Involvement in sports, clubs, church, theater, family planned vacations, etc. are NOT reasons for acceptance of late assignments.

Homework and Grading Expectations

  • Teach new concepts
  • Answer questions for previous and upcoming lessons
  • Lead class discussions
  • Provide assignments for the students to complete at home.
  • Teach at home on the days that UHC classes do not meet
  • Check JE calendars to make sure that ALL assigned homework is completed by the student each day and ready to turn in on the specified due date
  • Go through each lesson, writing assignment, vocabulary, or whatever the current topic of study may be and review the material with their students as needed in order for the student to complete assignments
  • Help your student set aside time during the week to complete reading assignments and coursework by utilizing and checking daily assignment calendars with student
  • Check answers to homework and study guide questions
  • Help your student study for tests and quizzes
  • Proctor tests sent home by the UHC instructor per the UHC High School Testing Policy and Procedure
  • Help your student follow the UHC Absence and Tardy Policy (see below)
  • Print the student report card  and any other needed information before July 1.  Student grades are not accessible after this date.
  • Send grades to their accountability group who will record this grade on their student’s transcript.  No permanent records will be kept by UHC.  SC law does not allow Co-ops to issue transcripts or Diplomas.
  • Check JE for assignments and messages communication from the teacher and staff.
  • Complete and submit assignments by the designated deadline.
  • Message your teacher on Jupiter Ed with questions or challenges with the lesson or assignment.
  • When a class is missed, the student should check JupiterEd, contact a classmate, and/or message the teacher to get the work missed.
  • Make arrangements with the teacher if a quiz, presentation, lab, or test is missed due to an absence.

Grading Scale

The UHC High School grading policy will follow the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy for High Schools.

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-69

F = 0-59


Late/Missing Work Policy


Students will receive a 0 (zero) for assignments not turned in at the date/time designated by the teacher.

  • If a graded assignment is not turned in on time, it will result in a grade of zero unless the teacher has been contacted BEFORE class time on the day the assignment is due and has given permission to turn it in late. If the student has followed the above guidelines and turns in an assignment late, the grade may be changed at the teacher’s discretion.
    • Teachers will allow 1 grace (late) assignment per semester in a category designated by the teacher in the course syllabus.

Planned Absences:

  • The student should inform the teacher as soon as possible, but no later than 2 co-op days prior to the expected absence so that the teacher can supply the student with the work to be done. This should be followed up by an email from the parent.
  • Assignments should be turned in before the absence unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher to turn them in on the day the student returns to class.

Absence due to Illness:

Note: This applies to student illness ONLY (not to absences due to trips, family events, sports, plays, jobs, etc.) 

  • If a student becomes ill over the weekend or on the morning of a co-op class day:
    • The parent should communicate as soon as possible, but no later than the day of the absence informing all the student’s teachers of the student’s sickness.
    • An assignment that is due on the day of the absence should either be attached to a JE message before the class time OR the assignment can be brought to UHC and turned in by a sibling or parent.
  • If the student has been ill before a co-op day or is too sick to complete all of the assigned work on the due date, the parent should work directly with the teacher to make a plan for the student’s missed work.
  • Unless arrangements are made with the teacher for an extended due date, all assignments are due on the date given in JE.
  • Lack of communication with the teacher concerning an absence will result in the application of the late work policy as outlined above. If the student has been absent for more than one day in succession, he/she must continue to communicate with the teacher to schedule assignment due dates.
  • The teacher will not hold up the introduction of new concepts due to student absences, nor will the teacher be obligated to go back over material missed due to absences. It is the responsibility of the student to procure the help of a tutor if help is needed with concepts missed due to absence.
  • A doctor’s note may be required to access additional classroom support.

Absence due to appointments (dentist, doctor, athletic events or other extra-curricular events):

  • If a student needs to arrive on campus late or leave early, the parent will notify both the teacher and the appropriate Director.
  • In addition to notifying the teacher and Director, the student must turn in work due in ALL UHC classes immediately upon arriving at Co-op that day or before departing early that day. Failure to do so will result in a zero on assignments not turned in for the classes missed that day.

Repeated absences may cause a student to have to retake a class before progressing to the next level class or graduating at/with UHC.  This will be decided by the teacher, appropriate director, and the Executive Director.

Attendance on exam days is critical.  Please refer to our Exam Policy if an emergency or extenuating circumstance requires an absence on one of these days.


  • If a student is tardy, the teacher will not be expected to hold up the introduction of new concepts due to student tardiness, nor will the teacher be obligated to go back over material missed due to tardiness. Being on time is an issue of respect for classmates and the instructor.
  • When the bell rings, classroom doors will be shut and students should be in their seats, not just coming into class.
  • Any student who is tardy will be marked tardy in JE. When a student reaches 3 tardies in a month, a consequence will be assigned.  If additional tardies occur within that same month, additional consequences will be assigned.  (see Conduct Policy and General Discipline Policy).
  • A single tardy may result in the daily grade or participation grade for that class being marked down at the discretion of the teacher.
  • If the student knows they will be late, the student or parent should contact the teacher as soon as they are able to do so.
  • Those students who arrive for an 8:00 a.m. class at the Grace Campus should not enter the building before 7:50 and should go directly to their classroom.
  • For 1st hour (9:10 classes), students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:45.  For campus specific instructions, see Grace, Hampton Heights, and CATM procedure guidelines.
  • For 2nd – 4th hour, students may arrive at Co-op 10 minutes prior to their first class (but no more than 10 minutes) in order to make their way into the building and arrive in their classroom on time.
  • All students must enter through the designated student drop off/entry door.