Middle and High School Student Contract

The Upstate Homeschool Co-op (aka UHC) is an academic Christian community that seeks to provide quality supplementation to its member’s homeschool education in an appropriate Christian setting. As with all communities, membership in a Christian community carries with it certain responsibilities put in place to create an atmosphere conducive to growth and development in its members not only academically, but also socially and spiritually. For those members who are not committed to the cause of growth in all of these areas, the guidelines put in place to nurture that growth can feel like a burden. For this reason, it is assumed that all student members of UHC will sign and abide by this agreement as brothers and sisters in Christ committed to being positive contributors to this community.
Student Name(Required)
Grade Level(Required)
I will commit to making co-op classes a priority in my home education.(Required)
I will check my assignments in Jupiter Ed and come to class prepared with homework completed, understanding that I will receive a grade for these classes.(Required)
I will take responsibility for my own education.(Required)
I will submit and abide by all governing policies of UHC, including all applicable policies in the UHC Handbook and Biblical principles contained in the Statement of Faith, even if the policies and principles do not necessarily reflect my personal preference or point of view.(Required)
I will contact my instructor if I will be absent and make plans for making up work per the UHC Absence Policy.(Required)
I will give any tests to my parents for them to hold until the designated test time for the parent to proctor the test according to the UHC Testing Policy and Procedure.(Required)
I will respect my parents, teachers, peers, and all other adults on the UHC campus.(Required)
I will respect and care for the co-op's equipment and the property of the host facility.(Required)
I will adhere to these policies and principles at all times while on the UHC campus and at any other UHC sponsored events held off campus including but not limited to socials, dances, and field trips.(Required)
I understand that admission to the Upstate Homeschool Co-op is a privilege, not a right, and that any behavior, either on or off campus, which is inconsistent with UHC's standards could result in the loss of that privilege.(Required)
I have read the applicable section of the UHC Handbook (Middle or High School) and understand that the policies and rules in both the General and Middle/High School sections of the UHC Handbook apply to me.(Required)
As the parent, I have reviewed this contract with my student.(Required)
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